5 Ways Musicians Can Avoid Being Scam 2018

As musician we tend to forget that everyone that say "I can help you take your career to the next level " isn't legit. Facts, Theres over thousands of musicians scammed each month, some report it and some do not . Below you will find 5 steps to avoid being scammed .

1.) Research , I cant say it enough !! If you are unsure do your research . Google is the largest Search engine in the world , if its a fraud google will be able to give you the best results . True Story , I received a IG message from a designer claiming to like my brand and will like to give us the best price for our new release. Long story short , i researched the email address that was sent and sure enough it popped up in a article by a musician that was recently ripped off by the same guy. It took less then 5 mins and i end up find out that he didn't just have one Instagram account he had several . The best thing you can do when faced with a known scammer get as much info then Report it , Share it and Block the user #RSB #SCAM #Research.

2.) Reviews , Scrolling through business reviews small and large is another good way to get an idea of what type of service you'll receive. A good start is Google, Yelp and Facebook

3.) Payment Accepted , Most scammers want the money in there hands asap , so they tend to use apps and payment systems that also tend to be hard to reverse such as , Paypal, Cash App , Google Pay,Facebook Pay , Western Union and Money Gram .

Avoid these Apps as much as possible although they are really good for (Personal usage) #CashApp #WU #MG #Paypal

4.) Web Presence , Today there are many DIY website hosting sites, that make it easy to create fraudulent look a like and bogus sites . Always check to see if contact , social media and other info matches us . Follow up with previous clients/customers/artist . You can use Brightcloud.com to check the reputation of a site to see how long its been up and who owns it .

Additional links : http://www.webutation.net/ , http://www.check-domains.com/website-analysis/website-analyzer.php ,https://mxtoolbox.com/Public/Tools/BrandReputation.aspx

5.) Music , I chose to save this one for last because its the one the every musician take the most risk with. You receive a email/Message saying Hi my name is (james nickels) a A&R at such and such and ii like you music , send me 3 of your best tracks looking to sign artist asap .You reply (Most artist do) Its no shame "Everybody looking for that one opportunity" . He reply its a fee of $150 sign the attached doc and get back to him asap. Your thinking this is it....... Now What ? Refer to the Beginning of this Article

Thank you for reading if you think this was helpful please share to your fellow musician.


Blog Credit Resource: https://www.mymusicmasterclass.com/avoid-music-industry-scams/

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