Producer Credits?

Blogger: BlackDavinci May 16th 2020

I know a lot of artists & Producers ask the same questions.


Well before I get into, let’s break down the type of producers out there and what they may contribute to your record.  First let’s start with the regular producer that makes a ton of beats and puts on beatstar, Youtube, Soundclick, etc. The only thing he/she is supplying you with is a beat nothing else. Now compared to producer #2 that not only make beats and upload on beat sites he/she also engineer, record, and occasionally make a creative suggestion on making the body of work better overall, for instance, the way you attack the beat, maybe a change of lyric or two to make the record sound better or flow with the beat he created. And last but not least let’s talk about the producer that not only does what the other two do but has a name/ famous or experienced and is known for making hits etc. 

Now with all the in consideration lets talk about who should and should not receive. 

Top 5 Who I Think Should Recieve?

1.)  Anyone that Made any changes to lyrics or invested in the making of the song/record. 

2.) Producers that Made beat for Specific song.

3.) Producers that Recorded Artist vocals or Arranged beat for a song/record to make them sound better. If it’s agreed on between artist and producer even after the original recording was done.

4.) Producers that have a name/Fame and contribute by his/her name weight in the industry 

5.) Producers that Include marketing & Promotion 

ONLY 1  Who I Don’t Think Should Recieve Credit

1.) Producer how Just Made beat with no other contributions to the record.

How much should a producer Get Writers Share & Publishing 

As stated above if you didn’t contribute to the success of an artist record you shouldn’t be trying to force the artist to comply with giving up writers share & publishing. Definitely not publishing.

These are my thoughts on the steaming discussion. Check out my other blogs on the topic coming soon. 



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